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Our Story

It all started from a big why.

At first the 'why' came from our Creative Director Ben Amos as he was working for a small video production company in Ireland whilst on a prolonged few years of travel through the UK and Europe.

Observing the owner of that company he thought.. "Why can't I do this at home, in Australia?"

The second 'why' came a few years later after starting the business and beginning to produce online videos for a handful of small businesses across the Sunshine Coast.

Ben noticed that his videos probably weren't getting the clients the results they needed and asked "Why not?"

This began what has now been an over 4 year journey of taking Innovate Media from a simple video production company to now being considered one of Australia's leading Online Video Strategy agencies. His team know that to be effective with online video, it all begins with the strategy.

We believe in telling stories with a purpose. Creating video that moves people to take action, and designing communication that drives business growth through online engagement.

So, what's your story?

Your Story

The world we live in and do business in has changed. Your business exists in an increasingly digital economy, and as a business owner or marketer you know that to stand out in your market you need to do something different.

Reaching your target market seems easier and yet more complicated than ever.  Changing media habits, social networks, online commerce, and a globally connected marketplace means you're often left struggling with not only what to do, but how to do it authentically - whilst staying true to your brand.

That's where the power of Online Video strategy really shines through.

That's where we come in.

Our Team

Ben 01

Ben Amos

Founder & Head Video Strategist

Matesse 01

Matesse Wood

Creative Account Manager

Jacob 01


Snr Digital Content Producer

Doug 01

Doug Lecole

Digital Content Producer

Our Brands

Vlog Pod® makes Video Blogging Easy. As Innovate Media's video blogging service arm, Vlog Pod exists to meet a growing need for high quality, cost effective online video blog production and managed strategies for clients.
Through the Vlog Pod we work with a wide range of business people to position them as experts in their field through regular professional video blogging.

Engage Video Marketing is our Creative Director Ben Amos' education and thought leadership brand.

Over on the Engage Video Marketing blog you'll find information about online video strategy and best practice in a meaningful and accessible way, with strategies and techniques that you can implement immediately in your marketing.  

Join the free 'Foundations' video course to get started.

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