Eye Catching Motion Graphics Video Ads for Social Media

Get a Completely Customised Animated Video Ad in JUST 2 Days

Creating your own, professionally edited social media video ads now couldn't be simpler. We use motion graphics to animate your supplied text, photos / video and logo to produce an engaging video message with a clear call to action. Your target audience will stop scrolling their feed to watch it.  Perfect for Special Offers, Announcements, News, Events and more.


4:5 vertical, 15-30 second video @ 1080px x 1350px, ready for you to upload as Facebook or Instagram posts or ads.


Easy as 1, 2, 3

STEP 1:  Choose to buy one or a multi-pack of customised videos

STEP 2:  Complete the order form

STEP 3:  Receive your video(s) within 2 working days and upload it to your socials

Examples of text + image / video

Order this for $99
IM Social Video example 1 2
Cloud Clicks
Intelligent Disobedience

Pre-Pay for bulk discounts

Pay for your videos upfront and send us individual order briefs as and when you need each video created.

 3 parts to brief a successful, attention-grabbing video ad

Scene 1 - THE HOOK
What is going to attract the attention of your target audience, and stop them from scrolling past your post?
✅  Consider carefully and provide us with ONE line of text that GRABS attention. (One or two short sentences)
✅  Option: Upload an image or video file to support the text.

Scene 2 - THE OFFER
What are you promoting? Make it short, clear and punchy.
✅  Supply 1 line of text for the offer
✅  Option: Upload an image or video file to support the text. 

✅  Provide text instructions indicating what you want the audience to do after viewing the video. eg Call <1800 123 456> , Visit <website>, or  Email <email address>
✅  Upload your logo

⚠️ Ensure you have the rights to use any photos, audio or videos you upload. It is against the law to find a pic on Google, download it and use it in your own video.

💥  Keep the message simple. If you try to say too much at once, it will be confusing.

Putting the 3 scenes together

Shown here is the final video created and the elements that were uploaded in the brief.

It's very easy. And very quick.

Give it a go.

IM Social Video example - icecream 2


cones vector

+ text
FREE Icecream at Coolum Beach this Saturday



+ text
Buy one Get one FREE on all types of Ice-Cream



+ text
Find us at Coolum Beach near the playground, 12 - 2 pm this Saturday


How long will it take to receive my video?
We aim to send your video to you within 2 business days of receiving your order.

What size image should I supply to you?
Minimum of 1080px x 1350px for a background photo.

Why is there only 3 screens?
Our offer is based on the idea of the 'three-act structure'  of narrative, being the Setup, the Confrontation, and the Resolution. We've adapted that to form a set price, streamlined package which we can turnaround quickly for you. If you require something more detailed, please contact us for a quote.

I don't know what to write for a hook?
Consider what problem your product/business aims to solve. What is the pain point that your service will alleviate, and why would someone want to buy from you. You could play to a weakness, fear or respond to an objection.
For a swimwear shop: "Can't find a set of togs that fit?
For a solar company: "Is your electricity bill going through the roof?"
For a swim school: "Anxious about water safety?

Where can I get good quality footage and images from to give you?
There are a number of Royalty-free, stock image libraries available, where you can purchase media from. Websites we recommend that are completely free to download and use are: pexels.com  and unsplash.com

Can I request changes after you've sent me my video?
If the change is to fix a typo that was our fault, yes you can. Please respond back to the email .
If you decide that you want something done differently - just 'coz' - then no sorry, you can't. Please submit a new order.

Can I purchase multiple videos and only send one order at a time?
Yes. Retain the email receipt of the initial order and use the same url link for your subsequent orders.

Can my video have audio?
Sure. Upload the audio track with your other files. Pop some instructions in the Additional Information section, if you need. There is no space available to 'attribute' the creator on the ad, so make sure you have full rights to use the audio track.

I have more information to convey than just 3 scenes. How do I order that?
No worries. That's more detailed than what we offer in these simple videos. Just contact us for a quote.

I know exactly what I want the video to look like. How can I explain my 'vision' to you to follow?
This is a quick-turnaround service for simple videos. We use your content and mix it with our creativity to spin it into an eye-catching video. Please contact us to quote on a video that meets your exact specifications.

Will you use our brand fonts, colours and styling? 
Yes we can. There is a section on the order form to upload your brand style guide. You will also need to supply the font if it is not a Google or Adobe font.

Can you animate my logo?
In short, yes. But that isn't included in this offer. Please contact us to quote to animate your logo as a separate job, then use it in your advertisement video.

I just want a plain colour background, no images.
That's cool. Tell us in the 'Additional Info' section, and if possible provide the RGB or web colour breakdown.

I'm not a fan of the video I received. Can I get a refund?
This is a quick-turnaround service for simple videos. You give us the exact content and we use our professional creative skills and license to design a visually appealing video. If we missed a part of the brief, we will rework the video. However, we do not issue refunds for work we have completed.

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