Brand Awareness: Newwave Orthodontics

Client: Newwave Orthodontics

Project: Brand Story & Client Stories

As a local Orthodontist practice Dr Miles understood the importance of reaching his target market through video. A great smile in action speaks more than a thousand words.

We worked alongside Dr Miles to capture his story including the location of the practice on the Sunshine Coast. His ongoing dedication to new orthodontic practices through ongoing research. And his love for the Newwave music of the 1980's.

Dr Miles and his team love the ability to bring confidence to people of all ages by creating beautiful smiles. They are passionate about creating a family friendly environment that makes the orthodontic experience one built on relationships.

Innovate Media provided Newwave Orthodontics with a series of video's that capture Dr Miles approach to orthodontics and his client's experience at Newwave Orthodontics.