Case Studies & Team Profiles: IXSurvey

Client: IXSurvey

Project: Case Studies & Team Profiles

IXSurvey Australia undertake accurate surveying and monitoring of the total marine eco-system for their clients.  Which can be a mouthful to say, and a little difficult to understand.

IXSurvey Australia recognised the immense value obtained by showing potential clients what they do through the use of video.

Innovate Media spent time aboard IXSurvey vessels to create a number of Case Study films that provide the potential clients with a detailed but readily accessible overview of the surveying and monitoring capabilities of the IXSurvey Australia. Whilst on the survey expedition, Innovate Media also captured each of IXSurvey's expert team to profile their contribution. The Case Study and Team Profile films work together to provide a detailed overview of IXSurvey's capabilities and experience, which instills confidence for potential clients.