Brand Awareness & Education:
Pippa Colman & Associates

Client: Pippa Colman

Project: Brand Story, Client Stories and Video Blogging

Pippa Colman & Associates is a respected and trusted Family Law firm on the Sunshine Coast. The firm was established and built by Pippa Colman. It was inspired by her desire to ensure that people in family law situations are treated with dignity and respect.

Pippa firmly believes that Family Law is the most important Law there is. It contributes to creating happy families, which in turn result in a happy society. Because of this, Pippa Colman & Associates are also dedicated to helping families through free education on Family Law topics.

Innovate Media worked with Pippa Colman and her team to capture the way they engage their clients and support them through their Family Law journey and restore hope. We also provided another avenue for the team to distribute their education services through a free video blog.

Innovate Media created a Brand Story film capturing Pippa Colman & Associates approach to Family Law and their dedication to their clients. We also created a series of Client Story films capturing the experience of a number of very happy clients. Alongside this, Pippa Colman & Associates also began video blogging through Innovate Media's Vlog Pod studio. Their video blogs provide free information and general advice related to Family Law.