Motion Graphics:  Auto Leaders CASE STUDY


Auto Leaders is an automotive servicing group of franchises with six locations spread across the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Tweed areas. They have been a client of Innovate Media for several years now.


The latest set of animated social media videos we produced for Auto Leaders were a refresh on a previous series we had created. These were used on the Auto Leaders website in landscape 16:9 ratio and social media platforms. The set of 5 videos individually describe each of the vehicle service packages.  The client requested a new look and feel, shorter duration and slight updates to the features and benefits mentioned.


Our team reviewed the previous scripts to tighten the timing and remove extraneous information while adding in the new details. 

Once the client had approved the revised scripts, we recorded a guide voiceover and began the animation process. Simple icon design and moving type were woven together to create motion graphics that clearly explained the messages in an interesting way.

With the video drafts approved using the guide voice over, the sound editing stage began with professional voice over talent and music mixing. To finish, the video and audio elements were brought together and polished.

A secondary brief off the back of this project was initiated afterwards to rejig the content again for paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. This involved cutting the script down even further to below 60 seconds each, and reformatting the animations to a portrait 4:5 ratio.


The client is chuffed with the result, as the new videos are gaining traction immediately. Thus far, one of the videos has already achieved 2.2 thousand views since it was uploaded on YouTube one month ago. 

I’m really impressed with the service that the team at Innovate Media deliver every time. I know that I can just tell them roughly what I need and trust that they will run with it and nail the job first time. Working with them is so easy.


Scott Day
General Manager - Auto Leaders Group