Video Blogs: Enrich Bookkeeping

Client: Core Project Advisory
Project: Annual Marketing Video Blog Package

Enrich Bookkeeping Solutions offers top quality services to allow business owners to focus on what they do best, while Enrich take care of all things bookkeeping and BAS.


During the tumultuous year of 2020, the Queensland Government provided grant funding to small businesses to increase spending and support business growth. The grant allowed for marketing content development costs.

Enrich Bookkeeping Solutions engaged Innovate Media with the funds of the COVID-19 Adaption Grant to produce social media video content to be posted on Facebook, YouTube and promoted via their newsletters.


With the fixed funds from the grant as the budget, Innovate Media tailored a video blog package of 24 social media videos of 1.5 to 2.5 minutes duration each. The weekly publication schedule allowed for 6 months of content. 

The video blog process kicked off with a strategy design session where Innovate Media’s Creative Director Ben Amos guided the Enrich team through their client avatars, content brainstorming and scriptwriting. 

The production process was broken down into batches of eight videos. Every two months, the Enrich Bookkeeping team developed a set of scripts, which we refined for clarity, intrigue and suitable call to actions, while adding creative concept flair. Each batch was then filmed in our Birtinya studio over two hours with each staff member reading their script on teleprompt with guidance from us for camera presence and delivery.

The new content increased Enrich Bookkeeping’s following in the social media space, and further instilled their position as knowledge leaders in their field. The videos created a curiosity amongst their clientele, presented the team with a sense of humor and opened up conversations and enquiries.

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[What I enjoyed most] would be the recording of the videos.  It was always fun and I enjoyed the creative input from your team to get the most out of us. The videos have given us some great content for social media and our newsletter that gets people talking.

I would recommend Innovate Media to others looking for video strategy in their business.  One thing that has been great is the follow up on reviewing videos, which sometimes get forgotten due to being so busy, and that I didn't have to do too much.  All videos were posted to social media for us, which was one less thing for me to think about or do.

Blair Verrier, Principal & CPA, Enrich Bookkeeping