Brand Awareness & Education: Auto Leaders

Client: Auto Leaders
Project: Brand Awareness & Education

Auto Leaders engaged Innovate Media to increase their connection to a wide geographical marketplace. As a franchise model, Auto Leaders have workshops located across South East Queensland. Not only that, they wanted to educate that marketplace about Auto Leaders services.

Each Auto Leaders workshop is owned and operated by a different person. The result? Each store has a unique story to tell. All provide the high quality service and support of the Auto Leaders brand. But, each store has a local market and provides its services through its unique store owners.

Auto Leaders also realised there is still confusion around automotive serving. And in particular, some of the great offers that Auto Leaders provides.

Innovate Media worked with Auto Leaders to create a series of Brand Story films for each store. Capturing the unique story that each owner brings to their workshop. Potential clients can also learn about the great services of Auto Leaders through their educational videos. These were shot at each Auto Leaders workshop location.