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Are you wasting time and money on marketing that isn’t working?

Are you wasting time and money on marketing that isn’t working?

We work with you to reach the Video Marketing Sweet Spot

What we do:

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Strategic Video Marketing Services

Video engages people better than any other form of marketing and communications, so it’s more important now than ever to be targeting the right audience, in the right way, at the right time. We partner with you to deliver complete video marketing services that encompass strategic planning, professional video production, and management of your video strategy to help your business grow and make more sales. Call on the leaders of strategic Video Production on the Sunshine Coast.

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Video Production Sunshine Coast (and Australia-wide)

From brand films and promotional videos for social media content, to training videos, corporate videos for internal comms and special events, the importance of communicating your message clearly and professionally to your potential and current clients, staff and stakeholders is critical to doing business today. We work across a wide range of video production styles and budgets to ensure your message or brand story is communicated effectively though engaging video content.

Your video content can be filmed with the latest equipment at our Sunshine Coast video production studio or our professional film crew can shoot on location around Australia.

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Video Consulting & Training

We know that digital marketing and online video strategy is constantly evolving and can often be overwhelming for many businesses to understand and implement. Our passion for sharing our world-class knowledge through executive level consulting, education programs, workshops, seminars and coaching is what sets us apart as globally recognised video strategists. We’ll guide you through from overwhelm to success with your video marketing projects.

Is your business battling obscurity, or held back by not getting your message seen, heard and understood by your ideal client?

Your business needs to build connections with your ideal customers and video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to do that.

But just doing video for video’s sake and hoping that you get a return on investment is not enough. Therefore you need a video marketing strategy that ensures you are using the right video, at the right time, in the right way in order to move your audience to take the right action.

Your path to video marketing success is clear. Our steps are to:

  1. Understand your goals

  2. Define what you need to communicate

  3. Do the actual video production part

  4. Optimise the video content for each platform

  5. Help or train you implement your video strategy

We start by taking the time to really understand your business needs and to work with you to design a strategic approach that aligns to your goals, audience, budget and expectations. We will help you to tell your story or define what you need to communicate to your audience. Next, we move into the video production phase of the project (or guide you in your own content production strategy) and create the right videos for the platform, message and campaign strategy. The final edited video will be optimised for each particular platform it will be published on, with the different requirements for a website video, YouTube organic content, Facebook ad, Instagram story, TikTok video, etc.

Then, we directly manage and consult or guide your team to implement the strategy effectively to ensure that the final product has maximum return on investment.

You don’t want a video… You want the results that the right video will achieve for your business.

You don’t want a video… You want the results that the right video will achieve for your business.

Case Studies


I’m really impressed with the service that the team at Innovate Media deliver every time. I know that I can just tell them roughly what I need and trust that they will run with it and nail the job first time. Working with them is so easy.

– Scott Day General Manager, Auto Leaders Group


The Team at Innovate Media are fabulous. Not only do they have quality local suppliers across Australia who do the filming, their post production provides creative direction and always high quality output. Also, they can turnaround jobs quickly without forgoing quality. I highly recommend them!

– Natalie G.
Communications & Store Excellence Director, (business name withheld)


I really enjoyed how easy the process was and how you understood the practical vision of what we needed to achieve.

Many thanks to you and Ben for your excellent work and attention to detail in helping us create these videos, well done!

– Brett Anderson Technical Support Manager, Red Smoke Alarms

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